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Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and Mallet Finger

Spring time is here, and with it baseball! I’m always glad for the warm weather of May, the leaves on the trees, and that beautiful smell in the air. But I’m even happier to hear the sound of baseball on the radio while I drive, and the chance to review yesterday’s box score in the […]

Medicare Card Scam Alert

From the Better Business Bureau: New Medicare Card Scare [Fort Wayne, IN – February 12, 2013] – Senior Citizens are receiving calls from individuals with heavy, foreign accents, who speak in a broken, English dialect. The individuals are calling, insisting that the seniors need to renew their Medicare cards. They confirm the name and address […]

Dr. John H. Mahon Announces Opening of New Surgery Center

South Bend, January 28, 2013: Northern Indiana Hand & Wrist Center, a division of Allied Physicians of Michiana, is happy to announce that the South Bend Specialty Surgery Center will be opening in March 2013. At approximately 7,000 square feet, this newly built and custom designed surgery facility is located in Toscana Plaza in Granger, […]

Deep Freeze

Snow and cold carry real hazards for the hand.  The most frequent acute injuries I saw during the winter months of the early ‘90s were snow blower injuries.  When ice and snow clogged the auger blades an unsuspecting homeowner would reach in to clear the obstruction and end up with multiple tendon lacerations and finger […]

That Bites!

Aspen, the newest member of the Northern Indiana Hand & Wrist Center family, is a Shiba Inu / Shepard mix adopted by Practice Manager Jill Cozart and her family.  Aspen was at K9 Safe Harbor Rescue in Vermilion, Ohio and is currently stealing hearts in the South Bend area. Like most puppies, Aspen has those […]

Knuckle Cracking

Dr. Mahon shares the following article about knuckle cracking. Crack Research One man’s long, noisy,asymmetrical adventure gets him a high five By Steve Mirsky Tuesday, December 15, 2009 The latest physical anthropology research indicates that the human evolutionary line never went through a knuckle-walking phase. Be that as it may, we definitely entered, and have […]

Holiday Hand Safety 101: Hand Surgeons Offer Tips for a Safe Carving Season

Dr. Mahon and the staff at Northern Indiana Hand & Wrist Center wish everyone a happy–and safe–Thanksgiving.  From the archives of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand (, we hope you enjoy the following article. Nothing says “Thanksgiving” like football, family and the enticing aromas of turkey, stuffing, yams and pumpkin pie. But […]

Snow & Cold Are Hazards For Your Hands!

Many around South Bend saw the first snowflakes yesterday.  Granted, they were mixed with rain and lasted only momentarily but were enough to remind us that winter weather is on its way. Snow and cold carry real hazards for the hand.  The most frequent acute injuries I saw during the winter months of the early […]

To Wait Or Not To Wait?

(Reader warning:  Sleep inducing words like “insurance”, “deductible”, and “out-of-pocket” are flagrantly used below.  Grab some coffee.) It’s that time of year again.  I’m not speaking of the time where you see Christmas displays pop up before Halloween (although it’s certainly that time of year, too).  I’m speaking of the time where, as the year […]

“Good Hands”

Every week a football announcer will proclaim that one wide receiver or another has “good hands”.  What does he mean by that?  Is there any truth to the assertion?  Can someone actually be blessed with physically superior hands that let them excel in sport? Of course they can.  When you’re trying to catch something, big […]

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